Divine Trilogy
Divine Trilogy 


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Divine Beginnings

Faerie is everywhere, and nowhere. It is just there. Most entry points are situated near green spaces. We’ll be going to our nearest today, which is on the outskirts of Richmond park.”

So its in the park?”

No, a house, nearby. I do not know all of the entrances however. There have been times where I have not been paying attention, and ended up hundreds of miles further than I was expecting. There was one time when I was younger that I somehow ended up on the shores of Loch Lomond, and had no idea how to get back into Faerie. It cost me a ridiculous sum of money to get back to London.”

Its that big?”

It can be. The Sithen has a mind of its own, and if you’re not careful then you end up in places that you didn’t intend to be in.”

His hands were at my neck and he pinned me against the wall. I could feel my pulse thundering and I struggled to free his hands from my neck, which caused him to flex and squeeze a little tighter.  

He leaned into me, relaxing his grip, and his lips grazed my ear.

"I could kill you right now Acadia"

His breath was warm, raising goosebumps along my skin, and sending my pulse rocketing. He let go and I coughed.

"You let your guard down"

"I wasn't expecting you to try and strangle me!"

"You let your guard down, you need to always ensure that you remain alert to the dangers around you"

"You mean you?"
"Yes, I could be one of them, I could have snapped your neck like a twig and you would not have stood a chance."

He stalked towards me, his eyes held anger and passion. Then he was there; his lips crushed forcefully against mine.

My pulse raced. His kiss was rough and exhilarating. His teeth nipped at my lips and I kissed him back. It was aggressive and passionate, all hands and teeth. 

He pulled away from me, and I struggled to catch my breath. My lips felt swollen and bruised.


We stared at each other. The only sound was my heartbeat pounding in my chest and ears and the harsh breathing of us both.